Age discrimination is one of the most prevalent forms of workplace misconduct.  Baby Boomers make up the largest segment of the workforce.  As they age, and as the economy changes, older workers will find themselves increasingly mistreated.

Both state and federal law strictly prohibit employers from taking any type of adverse action against older workers. Adverse action can include firing, but it includes other things as well.  It can include failure to hire, failure to promote, failure to give a raise, reducing wages, reducing an employee's work schedule, harassment, and other disciplinary action.

There are many laws that protect workers who are over 40, including the Missouri Human Rights Act (MHRA), the Kansas Age Discrimination in Employment Act (KADEA), and the Civil Rights Act.  Phillip Murphy has used all of these laws to help employees get fair treatment in the workplace.

If your boss has forced you out, please contact our office at once.


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