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Auto accidents involving large trucks and semi-tractor trailers are very different and significantly more dangerous than ordinary wrecks.  Large trucks can be over four times the length of the average car, and can weigh dozens of times more.   

When an 18 wheeler causes an accident, there is an extreme likelihood for serious injury, or even death.  There are numerous factors that can contribute to liability:  driver negligence, fatigue, defective mechanics.  Because rollovers and jack-kinfes and even simple rear end crashes can be so catastrophic, commercial truck drivers and companies making large trucks and transporting heavy goods are highly regulated.  Good attorneys are often more knowledgeable and thorough in finding violaitons.

The Law Office of Phillip M. Murphy II is highly experienced in litigating the most difficult cases.  If you or someone you know or love has been injured as the result of negligence by the driver of a semi-truck, please do not hesitate in setting up a consultation



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